Falling Awake - A Graphic novel

After awakening from cryosleep on a remote and hostile planet, John finds himself stranded with a young girl and a looming threat that isn't human. As they struggle to survive and unravel the mystery of their predicament, John must confront the demons of his past and his place in the universe, forced to reflect on his life's choices and reconcile with a past that has haunted him. In the face of a harsh and unforgiving landscape, John must find the strength to overcome his own fears and forge a new path forward, before it's too late to escape the planet and start anew.
“Falling Awake” is my first graphic novel, written and illustrated by myself. It's 274 pages and a one-and-done story. - It's available for free at www.globalcomix.com. you don't need to create an account. An app is also on the way including a lot of books from big publishers.
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June 4, 2023